Camera Talk

Ever since we started to think about making ‘Evolutionary’ the format on which to shoot has always been a big topic of conversation.

After much deliberation the choice for us was ultimately fairly simple – The Arri Alexa.

Due to the large cost implication of shooting on film and also the quantity of stunts and SFXinvolved in the shoot, digital was the only way for us to go. With such a fast turn around from shooting to the edit suite and the ability to shoot as much footage as we like at no additional cost the Alexa offers the flexibility we need to run the shoot as smoothly as possible while retaining the highest possible image quality.

Don’t just take our word for it – The Alexa has been used on Skyfall, The Avengers, Drive and Game Of Thrones amongst others and now Evolutionary will join the growing list.

Thanks to our partnership with Ice Film we are in a position to shoot on these amazing cameras and give Evolutionary the visuals that the script deserves.

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