Camera Talk

Ever since we started to think about making ‘Evolutionary’ the format on which to shoot has always been a big topic of conversation.

After much deliberation the choice for us was ultimately fairly simple – The Arri Alexa.

Due to the large cost implication of shooting on film and also the quantity of stunts and SFXinvolved in the shoot, digital was the only way for us to go. With such a fast turn around from shooting to the edit suite and the ability to shoot as much footage as we like at no additional cost the Alexa offers the flexibility we need to run the shoot as smoothly as possible while retaining the highest possible image quality.

Don’t just take our word for it – The Alexa has been used on Skyfall, The Avengers, Drive and Game Of Thrones amongst others and now Evolutionary will join the growing list.

Thanks to our partnership with Ice Film we are in a position to shoot on these amazing cameras and give Evolutionary the visuals that the script deserves.

We Are Live!

As you can probably tell from the fact that you’re reading this, ‘Evolutionary’ is now live! We’re up and online across the web – from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram.

However the most important thing of all is our IndieGoGo Campaign where you can help fund us and make ‘Evolutionary’ a reality.

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort in getting this far and we hope you like what we have in store for you! We’ve been lucky to have worked with a group of amazing concept artists whose visuals have brought the project to life and hopefully gives you an insight in to what we are hoping to create once we get on set!

Thanks for all your support so far


Welcome to Evolutionary

Welcome to the official Evolutionary blog! This is where you’ll find a more in depth account of the process involved in making Evolutionary a reality. The film has been in development for over a year now with myself and Oliver working tirelessly to get it to a level where we feel it is ready to go into production. The script has been tweaked to a level that we’re incredibly happy with and the visual references we’ve had sent to us by a series of amazing artists from all over the world has had a massive impact on the way the project has progressed. We’ll look at all these things in more detail soon but in the meantime make sure you head over to facebook and twitter and support us. This project is going to be made by the online presence that you guys help us gain – every like and every follower counts so please, please, please click and help us turn this into something special and who knows where this journey will take us…!